IMO whants to provide Polar Code and implementation the Convention on ballast water


Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Koji Sekimizu urged to accelerate the adoption of mandatory Polar Code and implementation of the Convention on ballast water.

Secretary General noted that the recent incident with the Russian research vessel "Akademik Shokalsky" stuck in ice off the coast of Antarctica, was another disturbing reminder of the difficulties and dangers that involves swimming in polar waters. A growing number of transitions on the Northern Sea Route is also another good reason to triple its efforts to end the work on the Polar Code - SUR reports.

Code should cover issues related to the design, construction, equipment and operation of polar vessels subject to the International Convention SOLAS, including crew training for navigation in ice conditions.

"Already this year we need to create the conditions for the entry into force of the Convention on ballast water - said Koji Sekimizu. - A Committee on Maritime Security IMO should accelerate work on the new requirements for the safety of passenger ships, which was initiated after the tragedy liner «Costa Concordia».

In addition the Secretary General expressed the wish to find out more reasons fault container construction «MOL Comfort» in the Indian Ocean last year. This event has attracted particular attention, since the age of the vessel for this kind of damage was very small.

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