According to the operative data of the service economy and finance of the Administration of the Odessa sea port, the volume of cargo processed at the berths of the port of Odessa in July this year amounted to 1513.7 thousand tons, 240 thousand tons less than in the same period last year.


Mininfrastruktury Ukraine supported the project of creating high-tech container terminal at the Kherson port - the representative of the "second" Ports of Ukraine, a member of the Nicholas Sea region.


During the special operation conducted in the United States against the Mafia, was arrested four former and nine active trade union leaders dockers.


Six container shipping lines, members of The New World and Grand alliances, have agreed to create what is to become one of the largest vessel networks in the Far East-to-Europe trade lane.


The developers hope that their project will become a popular business tool
The Austrian company TTE has launched an application Wagon Search (Search cars) for the operating systems Android and iOs.


The first dry-cargo vessel of the Capesize class (the Kanaris) with an actual draft of 18.5 meters left the Yuzhny port for China on June 22 with a cargo of iron ore belonging to the Metinvest holding, the press service of the holding company announced.


Китай не дал Maersk, CMA CGM и MSC добро на создание мега альянса P3. Такое решение объявило сегодня министерство коммерции КНР по итогам рассмотрения в рамках национального антимонопольного законодательства.


Illichivskiy Commercial Seaport paid currency loan that was taken by the previous leadership, with total sum $ 2,911,918 . " Interest " component of borrowings amounted $ 283,066 . Now the port does not have any credit obligations.

Britain’s biggest warship is now Britain’s tallest warship as HMS Queen Elizabeth reaches her maximum height with the addition of her final mast.

The US Coast Guard is continuing the search for four British sailors approximately 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) east of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


В первых числах мая мариупольский коллектив Формага отправил через порт Мариуполь в грузинский порт Поти технику для строительства дорог — буровые установки, гусеничные краны, бульдозеры, автогрейдеры, катки и самосвалы.


Turkey expanded quotas for motor Ukraine in 2014. This decision was prenyato to enable collaboration of Ukrainian- Turkish transport commission on international road freight transport .


Федеральная морская комиссия США (FMC) 20 марта одобрила соглашение между A.P.Moller-Maersk, CMA CGM и Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) о создании альянса P3 Network. Разрешение вступает в силу с 24 марта.


Dockers turned to acting President of Ukraine Verkhovna Rada A.Turchinovu and . about . Prime Minister - Minister of Ukraine A.Yatsenyuk Acting Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine M. Bourbaki . , As well as to the leadership of the central and regional offices of the GPU and the SBU .


В связи с ликвидацией Министерства доходов и сборов возобновлена деятельность Государственной налоговой службы и Государственной таможенной службы. Руководители этих двух ведомств заняли должности заместителей министра доходов и сборов Украины. Forbes уже писал о назначении Игоря Билоуса «главным налоговиком Украины», которое состоялось 12 марта. Чуть больше чем через неделю, 20 марта, широкой бизнес-общественности был представлен новоназначенный «главный таможенник страны» – Виталий Науменко.


18 ships Kerch maritime security will be relocated in Mariupol. This was stated by head of the State Border Service of Ukraine Sea Guard Rear Admiral Nikolai Zhibarev.


С 00-00 часов 20 марта СЗТУ объявило «эксперимент по применению мер обеспечения соблюдения таможенного транзита, предусмотренных пунктом 1 статьи 217 Таможенного кодекса Таможенного союза, в отношении товаров, перевозка которых сопровождается книжкой МДП».


China is closely following the situation in Ukraine - Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Hua Chunying. Beijing is willing to continue the development of strategic cooperation with Ukraine on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.


Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Koji Sekimizu urged to accelerate the adoption of mandatory Polar Code and implementation of the Convention on ballast water.


From February 6, administration of Odessa sea port became a member of the working draft Ecoports as part of the European Sea Ports Organisation.