The CIS has launched a mobile application to search for wagons


The developers hope that their project will become a popular business tool
The Austrian company TTE has launched an application Wagon Search (Search cars) for the operating systems Android and iOs. So, using your Smartphone or tablet, you can locate any wagon or container within the railways of the CIS and Baltic countries.
New applications allows you locate the wagon (container, train) in real time, track its movement on a map, get a full-scale sheet train, learn details about the kind of cargo, its weight and destination stations. Download an application - free, paid received information: search for Ukraine will cost $ 2.5 CIS - $ 2, a full-scale inquiry sheet - $ 2.5.
Experts predict that the application Wagon Search becomes popular business tool for companies and entrepreneurs working with rail freight. It is intended not only to significantly simplify and reduce the cost of the procedure for determining the location of cargo, but also save time.

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