Ships Kerch Sea Guard were transferred to Mariupol


18 ships Kerch maritime security will be relocated in Mariupol. This was stated by head of the State Border Service of Ukraine Sea Guard Rear Admiral Nikolai Zhibarev.

Currently, 7 of them have already arrived in Mariupol, and the remaining from day to day will arrive in the city of Berdyansk. Ships will moor in Mariupol commercial port, where they have been allocated a special place.

Workers maritime security will be located in the building of the Eastern Customs in Mariupol on Lunin Ave 1. As noted by Mayor Yuri Hotlubey, the decision was taken today at a meeting of border guards, customs officers and city leaders. Especially for them will be allocated 25 rooms in this building. In total there are 300 guards will work.

Family workers maritime security also will move in Mariupol. According to the mayor, the first time they will be located in one of the resorts. Later they relocated to a permanent place of residence in the host "Iron & Steel Works", located on the Left Bank. "We recently took it to the balance of the city", - stressed Hotlubey.

Nevertheless, the border guards do not lose hope for a return to the Crimea. "We hope that everything will be fine and we'll be back in Kerch" - summed Nicholas Zhibarev.

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