In Nikolaev Sea region (Ukraine) will be dedicated container terminal


Mininfrastruktury Ukraine supported the project of creating high-tech container terminal at the Kherson port - the representative of the "second" Ports of Ukraine, a member of the Nicholas Sea region.
Initiative to build specialized container port facilities put forward, including appropriate investment in the general development plan to 2015. This will be the third port of this region, having the opportunity of handling containerized cargo. Today mentioned possibilities have two regional ports - Nicholas and October (both - on the crane scheme).
Kherson port started handling containers at the end of 2010 (as an experiment, as universal cranes). The new project will be part of the Kherson port development program of the left bank of the Dnieper, where there are reserve area (Creek № № 1-2, belonging to the port). Base for the terminal will be number 1 backwater where you plan to create an initial capacity of 27 thousand TEU per year. Abutting the project will be equipping the railway infrastructure - laying a branch length 12,5 m, connecting the left bank of the backbone Ukrzaliznytsya (through art. Tsyurupinsk).
Commercial profile of the new terminal should be an internal transshipment in a message the sea-river. According to the port, shipping through the port of large containers by river transport can range from $ 420 (20-feet at Zaporozhye) to $ 900 (40-foot to Kiev). Rate reduction compared with the car delivery is projected at 10-25%.

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