Ilyichevsky port unions asked to return the balance of the Piers " Ilichevsky sea trading port"


Dockers turned to acting President of Ukraine Verkhovna Rada A.Turchinovu and . about . Prime Minister - Minister of Ukraine A.Yatsenyuk Acting Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine M. Bourbaki . , As well as to the leadership of the central and regional offices of the GPU and the SBU . After the change of the head of the port for political reasons in June 2010 - said in the letter - the port began to lose traffic flows , significantly worsened the financial performance of the company. Net income from port 286 million hryvnia in 2009 amounted to 2010 214 000 000 hryvnia , in 2011 - 154 million hryvnia , in 2012 - 100 million hryvnia .

But the leadership of the state special attention paid to the activities invite the chief port Grigorashenko AG in 2013. From the port of " squeezed cargo and freight forwarders who had long-term relationships with the company were severed contracts give significant profits port. In the interests of commercial structures was eliminated Specialized transfer complex liquid cargo port which gave nearly 20 million hryvnia net profit per year. port Fleet port began performing only 30% mooring work and began working at a loss. first terminal of the port for the first time , too, became unprofitable . "

All this according to union leaders Grigorashenko done deliberately and brought the financial performance of the enterprise for the first half of 2013 by compromising more than 33 million hryvnias , for which he was appointed deputy head of the State Enterprise " Administration seaports of Ukraine " , which is now engaged in " reforming " the whole marine Ukraine.

Port reform, which started with 13.06.2013 , pursuant to the opinion of the authors of the letter , " continued the process of disintegration and death SE" Ilichevsky sea trading port " as the financial indicator for the port in 2014 amounted to more than 77 million damage hryvnia , and with the balance of the state seized the port and marinas forced to pay for the use of these moorings , representing more than 20 million hryvnia per year.

Thus port has lost the right to receive the cargo fee for the execution of works on the quays , and that more than 100 million hryvnia per year. In this financial plan to port 2014 is provided in the amount of loss of 138 million hryvnia .

From September 2013 to February 2014 dockers worked by part-time work schedule , suspended the implementation of certain provisions of the collective agreement of the enterprise , but it is not the way - said the union leadership . Therefore, it was decided to appeal to the leadership of the country.

On behalf of the GP workforce " Ilichevsky sea trading port" authors of the letter set out the following requirements :

1. To instruct the verification referred to in the letter of facts and on the results of verification bring those responsible to justice .

2 . Urgently order the transfer of port berths Ilyichevsky balance Ilyichevsky branch GP " Administration seaports of Ukraine " on the balance of the State Enterprise " Ilichevsky sea trading port" .

3 . Conduct an analysis of the reform of the port sector in Ukraine and order in this reform.

Appeal signed by the chairman PRMT SCPI S. Bryzgalov , head SPDM SCPI A. Epifanov , chairman NPRP SCPI A. . Boychuk

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